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Imagine finding a supplier who combines product availability and readiness to supply with great service, design expertise and minimum lead times . . .

Widen Electronic Solutions Ltd. manufactures and supplies standard and bespoke cable assemblies, harnesses and wiring looms, connectors and adaptors, electronic components, control and automation products and automotive aftermarket parts. As well as having our own in-house manufacturing capability, we are also UK distributors for several overseas manufacturers, including Phoenix Contact, ABB and Dynatron.

We understand that today's financial and competitive pressures are high, and that you need to reduce inventory and retain as much profit as you can in your own production process.

Now you can enjoy extra value with our product design expertise for a more cost-effective overall solution, for custom features or for your own-brand labelling.

Whether you need small or large volumes, standard individual components or complex designs, or full product assembly and box build, we can help.

Widen products are used in all sorts of industries, from construction projects (lighting, power, cooling and heating systems), to professional electrical and electronics markets, the automotive aftermarket and various other instrumentation and industrial sectors.


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Komax Gamma 255 - for more accurate cable processing

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